Saturday, April 17, 2010

'Take the 5'

Tomorrow night Holeman & Finch's 3rd beer dinner kicks off at 7pm. Congrats to the lucky devils who managed to get a reservation to tour the best of the west coast breweries from cities situated along the famed Interstate 5, which stretches from San Diego to Seattle. We'll keep the beers a secret, but here's a preview of the menu based on the theme of spring time preservation:

Monkfish Liver Torchon

Shrimp Sausage
tasso, spring onion pudding, whipped fennel-honey and spiced cracker

Berkshire Pork Terrine
dijon mustard, pickled celery, crisp bread

Roasted Beef Spinalis
smoked tripe with onion and bronze fennel
warm tendon with pickled ramps
crisp corned tounge with wild peppercress

Spring Lamb Mortadella (pictured here with Chef Ryan Smith)
fava beans, cippolini onion, mustard greens, rosemary

Hazelnut Shortbread
strawberry sorbet, rhubarb crisp, rhubarb jam, hibiscus syrup, strawberry chips

Foie Gras Madeline

Yum! Come see us soon...

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