Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Silent Night, Burger Night

What makes the Holeman & Finch Public House burger so darn good?

Attention to detail .... house-made everything (from the buns, to the ketchu to the pickles to the mustard to the perfect custom-grind of local pastured beef) ... the fact that sometimes you can't have it?

All of the above and more. It is perfectly delicious; the epitome of burgerness and usually we only serve twenty-four a night, but December 24th, we're serving burgers all night long --- our present to all you burger fans. Join us for a new holiday tradition.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Daily Bread

Yes, it's a corny title, but we really do get amazing bread from our bakery, the H&F Bread Co., daily. Chef Linton Hopkins was so keen on ensuring that we serve the best, freshest of everything that he up and started a bakery. Our delivery comes by cart every day right at 5pm. Greatest hits include: the soft pretzel, pan au levain, sesame crackers, bacon caramel corn and, of course, the burger bun. Speaking of burgers, we are serving burgers all night on December 24th --- our little gift to you.

And speaking of the the H&F Bread Co., you can order holiday treats for your home (including the bacon caramel corn) by visiting the website, and clicking on "place your holiday bread order."

Many more good things to come soon...